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Our Company is staffed with skilled and experienced billing specialists, coders, and other service personnel, having extensive experience in providing accurate results. We provide Full Cycle Billing & Collections Services using either your billing software or our web-based billing software. This package includes: Patient Registration, Charge Entry, Claim Scrubbing, Electronic Claim Submission, Paper Claim Filing, Proactive AR Follow-up and Denial Management, Correction and Resubmission of Rejected claims, Secondary & Tertiary Billing. Other services included are, EOB & ERA Posting, Balance Billing with Patient Statements, and Monthly Reports.
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REVENUE RECOVERY PROJECTS- Standalone package- Short term available
AR & DENIAL MANAGEMENT - Standalone package-Short term available
Your Clinical Staff cannot completely focus on your patients and fight with the insurance companies at the same time. Even if this is possible, it may drive down the profits due to errors from work overload. The best solution for this problem is to balance between the staff you employ and the profits or revenue that they generate. This standalone package has proven to be essential to streamlined reimbursements. Efficient and consistent follow- up and denial management can increase the revenue in numerous ways; some of which are obvious while others enhance the revenue in an indirect manner.

Our office will follow up on accounts 30 days and more outstanding. This allows you to continue entering your billing and have a better perspective of how well your in-house billing process is working while our office focus on the older claims that are needing the expertise that we have. Our office will supply you with detail reports that supplies details to analyze your practice and determine if an important aspect of your practice is in the right hands.
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Insurance Claims that remain unpaid for 90 days or more need vigorous and expedited action to collect. The focus on these particular accounts can positively impact your bottom line by 20%. The window of opportunity for payment narrows as some of these claims may need additional information for proper adjudication.

Our office will follow up on accounts 90 days and more outstanding. Claims needing additional information and appealing will be micromanaged by our team of experienced specialists. You can expect to see a return in your investment for staffing and your revenue increase. Our clients see results, almost immediately.
Many Specialties require extensive benefit verifications which sometimes require the verifier to confirm special codes or services being provided by Specialist. A-Z Medical Billing Services, Inc. is experienced with obtaining insurance verifications for healthcare facilities of multiple specialties including hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, medical groups as well as individual physicians. Our service alleviates our clients from stress and frees up their staff to focus on more productive tasks, all while improving their payments and collections.
Some services are available as standalone packages.
Short term - trial services are also available.
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