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The capability of your workforce as a physician is directly impacted by the number of people you hire and the efficiency of the staff. Ideally every business entity needs to find the right balance between the number of people employed and the profits or revenue that they help generate. This factor along with the efficiency of your staff directly affects your revenue and accuracy. Physicians face numerous challenges when it comes to choosing the right administrative staff because of the ever changing face of the healthcare industry. Therefore it becomes important to analyze whether the aspect of your practice in the right hands.

Your Clinical staff cannot completely focus on your patients and fight with the insurance company all at the same time. Even if this is possible, it may drive down the profits due to errors from work overload. The best solution for this problem is to hire extra staff or medical billing service who is experienced with your specialty. Even though this may increase your investment in staffing, it will also increase your revenue.
The three most important professionals that affect your productivity are the assistants, the receptionist and the support staff for billing and coding who can also negotiate and interact with payers. The most crucial role played in the administrative and revenue cycle management is that of medical billers and coders. It is important to hire professionals who are excellent in technical skills, have updated knowledge of HIPAA Guidelines and have experience in handling negotiations with payers.

The technical skills required for revenue cycle management is just not about having good computer literacy but also about numerous other qualities such as good communication skills, knowledge of new changes and trends in billing and reimbursements in your specialty.
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